To Build, Or Not To Build

Vital to the happy existence we have planned on the farm is a house to live in. With a vacant block soon to be at our disposal, we have started investigating housing options. As we are looking at potential plans through the lens of sustainability, I do have some hesitations with the idea of building a new house from scratch. However, we have come across several companies who come highly recommended when it comes to sustainable housing options.



So far we've had meetings with PreBuilt and Modscape who both specialise in modular, pre-built housing. According to my sustainable architect friend Tim, these two companies really do walk the talk, employing key principles of environmentally friendly design - including passive design, renewable materials, energy efficiency and natural ventilation. Also, as they are assembled in a factory and erected on site in a day, there is minimal damage to the local eco system, plus a reliable build time thanks to no rain delays. Plus, they are infinitely flexible when it comes to modifying plans and have a simple and clean design aesthetic that is easy to make your own.

As we're looking to build a house that is entirely off the grid, we have been looking at viable options for power, water and sewerage. At this stage, it looks like solar, gravity fed tanks and a simple septic system are the way to go but we're still exploring our options.

Would love to hear any suggestions.