Slow Progress

You may have noticed a little lull in activity here on the blog. This can largely be put down to three reasons:

  • Football season
  • Planning permits
  • Wet weather

Our house was scheduled to move to it's new location a little while ago now, but a few hiccups with planning, and a busy football coaching schedule for Marcus has meant things moved slightly slower than planned.

But that is all about to change. Right now, our house is sitting on the back of two trucks and it is ready to go!

Brace yourself for a flurry of news in the not too distant future.

For now, you'll have to be satisfied with these snaps.

Our house has been cut in two!

Our house on the back of trucks. Ready to go!

Take Over

The day finally arrived! On Thursday we travelled to visit our new farm. We took with us a lime tree and a lemon tree that were beginning to look a little sick on the balcony of our inner-city apartment. They were to find their new home among the gum trees.

We stopped in at the Guildford store for a home-made lunch - sausage rolls and schnitzel rolls - which I can highly recommend.

We took our time planting our little fruit trees, checking out the fences and the dams, assessing the state of the grazing land and its potential - all the time surrounded by many, many butterflies. Glorious.

Here are some snaps.

Marcus planting our fruit trees. 

I helped!

And the big news? We got engaged! Marcus proposed at the highest point on the farm (affectionately named Hilly Rock Rock) and of course I said YES! Now it looks like we have two great things to plan for!

The view from the top of Hilly Rock Rock.

The rock Marcus gave me atop Hilly Rock Rock. A family heirloom.